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Cork Mid-summer festival

Now that festival season is here, it’s time to take advantage of the festivities! There’s no better place to begin than the Cork Mid-summer festival!

Kick off your summer in Cork!

Summertime is here, mid-way in fact, and there’s no better way to start it off than at a festival.index

The summer months can mean more free time for some. That being said, it can also make it easier to sit inside and re-energise from past responsibilities.

Allowing your body to rest is a great thing, especially since that rest will prepare you for the summer activities.

But sometimes, it’s easy to isolate yourself and feel a bit lonely during this time. In case you find yourself in that position, call up a friend and break out your festival gear.

Enjoying your free time

This weekend, 19-21 June, you can relax at the Midsummer Therapy Trail or meet new people while dancing the night away at the Dark Side Cabaret.

So let go the stress of everything around you and come out for a celebration.

From music, art, workshops and more, Cork Mid-summer festival has something for all.

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