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Taking a break during exams

If you’re in the middle of exams it would seem counterintuitive to be talking about breaks. 

Your ability to function and perform well in study and exams are linked to your wellbeing and self-esteem. Do not ignore the obvious signs of fatigue and worry at this time.

Leaving Cert timetableWe all have that breaking point when it comes to stress levels so right now, eating well, getting good sleep and taking little breaks will help you finish out the exams the best way you can.

Time to relax

Take a little break today, on your own in the house or get out with the company of friends and/or family, for a walk and some fresh air. Just not sitting a desk for periods from now until the end of the exams will do you wonders.

Listen to music

For me, one of the best ways to relax is listening to music. This allows your mind to calm down and flow with the sounds.

You could be a hard core metal head and blast the room to its core but hey, if dogs howl to the sounds than so be it. Don’t tell your family I said to do this.

With a week or two to go

If you’re finding that you’re doing better revision at night, take twenty minute nap plus a bit of a warm-up walk around and you’re good to go.

Ten minute breaks are things that should be done all the time to stay alert. Then you hit the books focused and relaxed.

Anxiety can run in the family during these days and you need to keep things in check for you and those around you. Be mindful of your limits. Remember, the summer break is around the corner!

These exams will soon be done and dusted and you can then have a break from all the stress of school, leaving you free to enjoy the stresses of normal life…!

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