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Voting today #Marref

It’s a big day for Ireland. No pressure, like, but the world is watching!

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You may have known since the date the referendum was announced what way you were going to vote and that’s great.

Many debates in the media have been unhelpful and in many cases provoking some attitudes that you may not have realised were out there.

Attitudes toward sexuality

It’s upsetting to realise people hold certain attitudes toward LGBT people.

For some, it has meant having to think about their sexuality in way they haven’t had to for a good while. For others it has been difficult as they may have just been coming to terms with being gay or lesbian.

Maybe you were always very clear about your sexuality, never confused, or had to come out. Maybe coming out was not an option, it was obvious what your sexuality was.

Whatever happens, know this today, and in the future:

  • Your sexuality is your business, to tell whoever you want and when
  • Straight or LGBT you deserve to live in a world without┬áharassment or abuse
  • Gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people, like all people, are diverse. They are all ages, come from all cultures and religions
  • Being gay, lesbian or bisexual is not defined by how you look, where you go or the job you do. It’s defined by how you feel and who you are attracted to. Trust those feelings and be yourself
  • Looking after your mental health is important no matter who you are
  • Selfies in the polling booth are a bad idea.

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