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Things I’ve learned about mental health

Eva Brennan has just finished up doing work experience with us, in our Dublin office. She was with us for a day a week for the last seven months as part of her Social Care Diploma, and shares her thoughts here. 

Materials RO - resizedAnyone can go through a tough time

The number one thing I learned about mental health through college and my work experience with, was that anybody can have a mental health issue, whether you’re rich or poor, male or female, tall or small.

People often forget that mental health is a part of our everyday lives, but some people just need a little extra help dealing with it.

Offering support

Through college I learned of the charities and organisations helping young people experiencing mental health issues. During my work experience with I’ve been able to communicate with a few people who were struggling and needed support.

Being able to help someone or give support meant a lot to me. Sometimes all you need is somebody who will listen.

Learning about others

I thought I knew a lot about mental health before starting in college and, but I realised I only really knew about my own experiences. This last year, I’ve learned a lot from other people’s stories, and the problems others are facing.

Giving advice

I had previously given advice to friends and family at times when they were going through something. But, with my work experience I’ve felt more comfortable with giving advice, things to try in their situation and telling others where to go for extra help. I felt this is the most rewarding part that I’ve learned from  my work experience.

Learning about myself

My first year of college and seven months doing my work experience have helped me learn a lot about myself. I know now that mental health is an area I am passionate about.

I’ve wanted to be a psychologist since I suffered with my own mental health, when I was around fifteen or sixteen. After the experience I’ve had working at, I now think  I want to be a counsellor.

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