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Unfriended, a scary thought

A new horror film, Unfriended, will be released on Friday, 1 May. It takes a new approach in film in that much of the plot happens through Facebook and chatting through Skype.

Picture of a girl screaming, a still from the film Unfriended, from the website unfriendedmovie.comPlot

I won’t give much away, I can’t anyway, all my information came from the official trailer! A group of friends are terrorised by what appears to be the ghost of a friend.

This is a friend who took her own life after one of the group uploaded a particularly embarrassing video of her while she was drunk.


As far as horror films go, it looks quite good. I’m sure it would scare the hell out of me!

Though, what’s truly disturbing is that the kind of behaviour leading to that character’s death is actually really common.

Play nice

As well as being a good movie for making us spill our popcorn, it does seem as if Unfriended is a cautionary tale about the consequences of our behaviour.

Think first

We need to think about what we’re sharing online. Even a simple joke can be really distressing to the recipient.

No one can know what anyone else is going through at any one time, and a little consideration before hitting post might spare someone a world of pain.

What haunts you?

Maybe there’s no such thing as ghosts, but that doesn’t mean things from the past can’t come back to haunt you.

It’s hard to know what we’ll be doing in a few years’ time, so how do we know that joke, or dodgy drunk picture won’t resurface?

We’re all forewarned about future employers, colleges etc and the impact negative stuff online can have. But, even on a more simple level, having to deal with feelings of guilt or regret about something isn’t the best way to look after our mental health.


None of this means we should stop enjoying the banter, whatever medium we’re using. We all need mates and a chance to relax.

It’s just about being aware, there’s a fine line. For our own sake, as well as our friends and others we interact with, we could take a moment to consider any potential impact of what we’re doing.

At the very least, don’t give someone a reason to, ahem, delete you as a friend.


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