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Demi Lovato talks about tough times

Demi Lovato has openly spoken out about her battle with Depression, Bipolar Disorder and Bulimia after a short time in rehab.

Demi Lovato from MTV dot comX-Factor pressure

Being in the public eye means Demi feels a lot of pressure about her looks. While issues such as body dysmorphia don’t stem entirely from other people’s expectations, it must be really tough being in the spotlight 24/7.

Exercising your right to be happy

Although she has a busy lifestyle, she always makes time for exercise and yoga. In part this was to do with wanting to look better. But, she admits it’s also great for her mood.

It’s well known that exercise can help you manage your mental health and for Demi, it does. “I exercise six days a week with a rest day. It’s a lot, but it really helps my mood – I feel great when I work out” she said.

You don’t need to be rich

Luckily, you don’t need to have a gym membership or a personal trainer to make an exercise plan!

You can start by picking up some simple exercises you might enjoy, for example, walking or cycling. If you wanted to get more serious or create more of a regime, there’s loads of free information online, even just search on YouTube.

You may need to do a bit of research to find something suitable for you and whatever level you’re at, but it’s still free!


Anything’s easier if there’s a social aspect to what you’re doing. So why not try and arrange something with a friend? Or try and join in with an activity someone you know already enjoys?


If taking up a new experience is tough and you’re finding it difficult, reward yourself.

Creating manageable goals, to help you focus on the short-term, can make a huge difference to achieving what you want in the long run.

Change takes time

Change doesn’t happen overnight. It took Demi years to get to where she is now. If Demi can do it, so can you!

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