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Not just nurses

As the recent reports on nurses and midwives being bullied have shown, bullying isn’t something that only happens in the schoolyard.

Wooden dolls in a group and one doll aloneUnfortunately, it’s extremely common for bullying to happen in workplaces and colleges. It happens just about anywhere people come into contact with one another.

National attention

Alarmingly, the research showed bullying is up by almost 14% in the past four years. So, it would seem things aren’t getting easier as time goes by.

Hard to spot

Bullying can be physical violence or overt verbal abuse, but, it can also be much more subtle than that.

In some environments it can feel like a part of the culture. That you just have to go with the flow of the banter or toughen up and compete.

However, any form of intimidation can have a negative effect on your mental health.

What can I do about it?

If you’re in work and being bullied it can be difficult to know what to do. You might just want to keep your head down and not make a fuss. The thing is, the issues probably won’t just disappear.

A few tips to deal with bullying:

  • improve your ability to communicate and be more assertive
  • find out your company’s policies on dealing with bullying
  • talk to someone responsible, your HR manager or area manager maybe
  • keep a journal documenting everything that happens.

Outside help

No one deserves to be bullied, and by law employers have responsibilities to the health and safety of their employees.

If you need professional advice, have a look at the Health and Safety Authority. They also have a low-cost helpline to speak with someone directly.

Citizens Information is another good site for accurate information including employment rights.

Friendly support

Whatever’s going on and whomever you look to for advice, it’s important to seek the support of friends and family.

Even if they can’t really advise you, having people around who make you feel good outside of work can make everything easier to handle.



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