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Mindfulness and CBT to help depression

New research has found that mindfulness based cognitive therapy may be as good as medication at preventing people from relapsing into depression.

A woman's figure sitting on a chair with a cup of tea in her handsThe research found this form of therapy helped prevent people re-developing depression in 44% of cases. This is an impressive figure, especially when compared with medication, which was 47% successful.

Being open to different methods

As with many things, depression can have many different causes, which means there’s also different approaches to treating or managing it.

What is mindfulness?

Being aware of the present moment, not dwelling on the past or thinking of the future is the idea behind mindfulness.

It can be useful in helping someone not slip into a downward spiral. If we’re able to observe our internal monologue, it can make it easier not to let things get on top of us.

Of course, it’s not for everyone. It can depend why someone is depressed.

What is cognitive behavioural therapy?

CBT or cognitive behavioural therapy is a way of thinking about how we see the world and ourselves. It helps us connect how our actions affect our thoughts and emotions, giving us a little more control.

Similar to mindfulness, CBT is a skill which can be learned and improved on.

Isn’t it OK to take medication?

Taking medication is a personal decision. For some people it’s a really important part in managing their mental health. Others find different methods work for them, for example talking therapies.

There’s loads to consider when taking medication; how effective it is, potential side-effects etc. It’s a good idea to discuss it with someone who has a greater understanding of it all.

Read this if you’re thinking of taking medication for the first time or plan to discuss it with your doctor.

Not mutually exclusive

Just because you’re working with one method, doesn’t mean you can’t try another. It can take time to find what best suits you.

Good news

It’s great the findings show this new form of combined CBT and mindfulness is working for some people, which means ultimately there might be more options for helping people.

The more choices we have for trying manage depression, the more people we can hopefully help over time. As with all things in life, everyone’s experience with mental health is different, so how they mind their overall health will differ too.



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