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The game continues, at last

Game of Thrones season five will be unleashed this Sunday 12 April. If you don’t know that already though, chances are you’re not fan.

A hand holding a golden, thorny crown, from Game of ThronesIt’s still a few days away, but that’s nothing after the months of waiting we’ve had to endure.

Lessons from Westeros

However, maybe we can use the excitement for things we enjoy, to help us practice minding our emotions. That old saying, patience is a virtue, may sound like it’s more suited to the Victorians, but it still has truth.

Learning to be mindful and watching our feelings is a skill we can build on for life. What better time than while waiting for winter to come?

Fans of the show know how hard it is to hang on (a year!) between each season.

Learning to manage the mounting anticipation though, gives us a template to work off for other things.

Fighting battles to win the war

A good area to look at for this is studying. As anyone getting ready for summer exams will know, the pay-off does not come straight away. Learning to do the work now, without focusing on immediate fulfillment will help in the long-run.

Goal-setting is all about working to a bigger prize than what’s going on right now.

Getting used to being mindful of the present, with just an eye to the future is a great skill for managing life, whatever you want to do with it.

Don’t get mad

Watching the houses vie for the Iron Throne can also help with other emotions. The disgust, excitement, loyalty, betrayal and loss we feel throughout the series is often felt fully (sometimes a little too much so!), even if it’s just fantasy.

Getting used to our feelings, being with them, and learning how to appropriately express them is all part of minding your mental health.

Chill out

On top of all that, there’s really nothing wrong with a bit of escapism. Taking time out to relax and switch off is something we all need.

So, I don’t know what you’re doing this week, but I’m trying not to lose all my attention to counting down the sleeps until the battles continue!

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