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Time out this Easter

Call it mid-term, the Easter holidays, spring break, we all look forward to the two weeks we get off. Holidays are a great time to relax and recharge, but it can also be quite a vague time.

Little yellow easter chicksMany of us struggle with an excess of free time. When there are no plans or structure it’s easy to just stay at home watching Netflix.

Too much free time

Everyone’s guilty of sitting up all night watching episode after episode of whatever TV show we’ve discovered. But, you know what? The next episode will be there in the morning.

Why not get some rest and arrange to do something else for a while the next day?

Yes, it’s important to take time off. But, being isolated isn’t great for your mental health.

What if there’s nothing to do?

Sometimes it’s difficult to think of things to do because there are so many possibilities. Although, sometimes we just can’t think of anything to do at all.

Why not use your free time to try something new? Join an activity or club, make new friends, or even try to attend one of the gatherings in your area!

You could even simply text someone to see if they’d like to hang out. Just because they’ve not picked up the phone, doesn’t mean they wouldn’t like you to.

Look after yourself

For a lot of us, myself included, we tend to lose sight of taking good care of ourselves during term time. We spend forever getting homework done, passing tests and stressing about grades.

That’s all important but, remember, you’re on a break for a reason. All of those things you’ve  been putting off can be achieved now.

Dust off those runners, try cooking that recipe you made note of, go to the cinema, or whatever. As with anything, minding yourself is all about balance, so try to get a break from your daily routine.



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