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Saving daylight or wasting hours?

Sunday, 29 March the clocks go forward an hour. An event that’s confusing, delightful and inspires many a conversation among people. What’s it all about?

Green clock with butterfly shapes flying away from itWhy do we change time?

We put the hour back for winter and forward for spring is simply to aid production, mainly farming. The idea is it gives us an extra hour in the evening during the summer months.

The modern idea of daylight saving was proposed by New Zealander George Vernon Hudson in 1895. Among the first to implement the idea was Germany which introduced it on 30 April, 1916.

What do you make of it?

Some see daylight saving as a convention that costs time, with few benefits. None of us, myself included, enjoy hearing we’ll be losing an hour’s sleep.

But, often, situations we’re in are whatever we make of them.


It can be easy to see the negatives in life, but what if we chose to look at the positives instead? It’s quite surprising the difference a bit of healthy self-talk can make.

So, what does this time of year bring for us? Longer days, shorter nights, and above all else, prolonged sunlight.


It can be common for people to dislike change. Let’s face it, we’re creatures of habit.

Changes, even this small change to our time, can be uncomfortable. But, it’s natural and nothing to be ashamed about.

Being open

Throughout life we’re likely to be presented with new ideas, changes and challenges. Staying open to what we don’t yet know can help us deal with anxieties around change.

It can also help us grow as people.

Take it easy

Whatever’s in a day, whether you get an hour less in bed or not, try to enjoy the extra time.

Be mindful of the longer days, and enjoy what’s going on in life right now. Above all though, I hope everyone’s as excited for summer as I am. It really is starting to feel like winter is over!


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