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Dealing with grief on Mother’s Day

For anyone dealing with the loss of a mother, Mother’s day can bring up difficult feelings that can be hard to overcome.
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Many of us rely heavily on our mothers for support, advice and love. Having to face losing a mother is incredibly difficult to get your head around. Dealing with grief is a long process. There’s no magic cure to getting through it and no set time.

Sometimes though, doing a few small things can help lift you even a little bit and make things slightly easier.

The talking cure

It’s easy to feel our peers will not understand if they have not experienced it. But, trying to deal with grief alone can be incredibly isolating.

While not everyone will understand exactly what you’re going through, reaching out to friends and family can help you feel less isolated and alone.

Talk to someone about the parent you’ve lost. Tell them funny stories, tell them what drove you nuts. It’s all your experience share what you can. Talk to someone.

Share experiences with other family members about your mother, they’ll all have their own too.

There are times when talking is the last thing you’ll want to do while grieving. Let someone close to you know this and that it doesn’t mean you want to be on your own. Having some company while you watch a film or listen to music will be of comfort.

Look at ways to deal with other people after someone dies.

Stay active

When we’re grieving doing the smallest things can seem like a huge effort. But trying to switch off for even a few minutes a day will do you good.

Making the effort to do a small activity you enjoy, can give you a lift that will make things a little easier. Physical exercise has a huge affect on our mood and wellbeing. Even a short run or walk can give you a much-needed boost.

Look after yourself by sleeping and eating well. Read other suggestions for managing your grief.

Take time

Losing a parent is always a shock. No matter how expected it might be. It can even take a while to sink in and for us to comes to terms with our loss.

It can sound like a cliche, but time will help, so give it time.

Never feel your grief should be constricted to a certain time period or that you should no longer be talking about your loss to others. Everyone grieves in different ways over different periods of time.

Feelings of anger

It’s not uncommon to feel irritable or angry during period of grief and this is OK. Do learn how to manage these feelings in a healthy way though.

You may not have had a great relationship with your mother. In this case you may have unresolved frustrations and have difficulty understand your feelings of grief. Take time to work through these too. They more than likely won’t go away on their own.

If you feel it’s too difficult to discuss what your going through with immediate friends and family, there are many support services out there.

Mothers’ day is a tough time for many people but getting through with support is much easier than trying to get through it alone.

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