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Facebook and Twitter improves our emotional intelligence

According to some new theories, online interaction through sites like Facebook or Twitter might actually help us with our emotional intelligence.

The Facebook 'like' symbol a blue thumbs upContrary to popular belief and hysterical media stories, it’s now being suggested that online usage is good for us!

Stress buster

Research found that people who use sites like Twitter and Facebook can have reduced levels of stress.

A recent article in the Washington Post discusses the research and theories. It also looks at how using social media can give us a greater sense of empathy and social responsibility.

Feeling blue

This doesn’t mean we always feel great after using social media.

We can often feel a bit crap, particularly after seeing something upsetting or depressing.

However, we’re often then prompted to reach out to others or take action in favour of ourselves or the community at large. So, something that appears to be a bit negative can, overall, be a force for good.

Express yourself

The article also suggests our online behaviour is helping us tap into our emotions.

As you’re no doubt aware, Facebook posts only have one emotionĀ  button (like). So, if we want to display anything more personal or subtle in response to a post we have to leave a comment.

This prompts us to tap into our feelings and then articulate them in some way.

Good news for mental health

All of this of course is great for improving or maintaining your mental health. Good for us as individuals, good for society. Maybe it’s time we cut social media some slack?!



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