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International Women’s Day: Be Bold for Change

It’s international Women’s Day, 8 March. The annual event has been running all over the world for over 100 years. 

international womens dayInternational Women’s Day and the idea of equality for women is inclusive of men.

Originally tied into women achieving the right to vote, it’s since become a space for celebrating women’s achievements, while still calling for equality.

Not just for girls

International Women’s Day and the idea of equality for women is inclusive of men.

It doesn’t mean men have to give up any rights or masculine identity. It’s simply to support fair treatment of women.

Think of your mother, sister, friend, girlfriend etc. You wouldn’t want them to be mistreated in any way, would you?

The F word

Feminism is sometimes seen as unpopular, an aggressive ideal from the 1970s. But, all it means is to believe in women having the same rights as men.

What’s wrong with that?

So, make it happen!

Whatever your gender, this is the month to start thinking about and making the world a better, fairer place.

See what’s on

There are loads of events on around Ireland for the whole of March. Exhibitions, plays, films, discussions – they’re open to everyone and are not all that serious.

Get inspired

International Women’s Day is hopefully more than a token nod to women. It celebrates achievements and highlights inequalities for a few weeks, which is great.

However, we should use this time to begin examining and questioning what’s going on all year round, for women and everyone else. It’s not a woman’s issue, it’s a human issue.

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