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Florence + the Machine singer’s mental health struggles

Lead singer of Florence + the Machine, Florence Welch, has spoken about what a rough time she’s been having. It shows no-matter who you are, you can go through a rough patch and it can be hard to articulate feelings.¬†

Florence Welch of Florence and the machine, image from musictrajectory.comNervous breakdown

This is particularly true when things are chaotic and spiralling. Which is exactly how Florence described her experience, saying she felt like she was having a bit of a nervous breakdown.

In an interview with BBC Radio 1 she talked openly of her struggles during 2014. The year was meant to be a welcome break from the roller-coaster she and her band had been on since catapulting to fame.

Crash landing

Instead of relaxing and recuperating from her hectic lifestyle, she suffered a sudden crash-landing.

She put this down to the absence of a daily schedule, which is something loads of us can relate to. Think about finishing school or college, or even just summer holidays for example.

Despite most of us dreaming about time off, once a large gap opens up it’s common to become overwhelmed and even anxious.

Leaving home

She may be a superstar, however, Florence speaks about things we can all relate to.

For example, moving out of home and learning to be independent for the first time was a difficult transition, which it is for many people.

Adding drink to the mix

Even though she was busy and sociable, Florence felt unstable had an on-off relationship with alcohol.

Again, this is something easy to relate to. Things like drink can seem inconsequential, but when we’re going through something, alcohol’s depressive effects can amplify problems.

Which isn’t to say we should never drink, it’s just good to manage things that affect our mental health. Especially when going through a rough patch.

Speaking out

It’s never easy open up about mental health struggles, past or present. However, hearing others speak can be a real comfort and inspiration.

It reminds us that no matter how successful a person may appear to be, they can be struggling behind the scenes.

Making good

This isn’t the first time the singer has spoken out about battles with depression and fear. But, the result of this time of her life is her most personal record yet.

It shows that no matter how dark something may seem, we can come through it and may even help others or be inspired by it.

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