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Enjoying midterm break ( if you get one )

Winder feels like and tiring and like it will never end. Early starts, dark mornings and little daylight leave many of us feeling tired and stressed. 

cushions for relaxingMid-term is a welcome break. Taking this week to relax and reboot is a great way of minding our mental health and taking care off our general wellbeing.

Catching up on our sleep

Getting enough sleep during term-time can be tricky. With mock exams and heavy workloads many of us spend our days in a semi zombified state.

Feeling tired can lead to a low mood and makes life feel altogether more stressful. Taking the time to rest and catch up on sleep gives us the boost we need to keep ourselves in a happy and in a positive frame of mind.

Try not to use the week for loads of late nights but do get a few lie-ins. The more refreshed we feel the more we get out of our days off!

Term-time blur

It’s easy to put the things we enjoy doing on the back burner while we try and fit everything into our busy schedules.

Having the time to take a day trip out or re-visiting a hobby we enjoy means we can start back to term in better form.

Keep in touch

Making the effort to keep in touch with friends during the holidays is important. Its easy to feel lonely when we’re not seeing people everyday in the same way as at school. Make the effort to call friends for a chat or organise an activity to do that isn’t to do with work or school.

Similarly, for students mid term can be a great opportunity to go home and see family. As all the train ads are telling us now, “Students go home”!

Enjoy your midterm (if you get one)

Term-time stress can be an unavoidable part of life. Making sure you take the time to rest and de-stress helps us all get through the rest of the academic year in a more positive frame of mind.

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