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Safer Internet Day 2015

It’s safer internet day this week, but what does that mean?

Safer Internet Day logoYou’re safe

You don’t give out your passwords, you’re in the habit of locking everything when you’re not using it and you’re pretty sure that you could recognise a scam a mile off.

So, that’s all safe, right? Well what the day is for (and yes there’s a day for everything) is to make us think about the virtual world that we’ve all come to extend our lives into.

Living online

Most of us are online through phones, tablets or laptops for a good part of the day. There’s no question, we’re more connected than ever before, with access to all kinds of information at any time than ever before.

In theory, everyone has the right to use different sites to stay connected with friends, music trends, sports, fashion and publications free from abuse or ridicule.

“Don’t feed the trolls”

However, we all know that’s not the reality. There are umpteen cases where people making it their business to take people down, slag them off or just generally make them feel crap.

Call it trolling or cyberbullying. Call it whatever you want, you know it when you see it. But, do you know if you’re doing it?

Don’t be a troll

Think about it. Have you shared something about someone else that you’d find really embarrassing if it was of you? Have you been quick to call someone names, or slag them off online in a way you wouldn’t to their face?

That nano-second of satisfaction you get for ripping someone apart online, does that benefit you in the long-run? We all need to watch ourselves and think about people at the other end of phones, computers or network.

Easily done

What we put online can often be misinterpreted. Even if you’re a generally decent person it requires a bit of extra vigilance to make sure you’re not doing damage to someone else while online.

What someone reads or sees may be totally different to what you intended.

Get involved

It is up to all of us to make the internet a safer space, so take a second to think about what you do online.

Webwise are running a number of activities for Safer Internet Day. There’s a number of things you can do, one of them being entering their super selfie competition.

Check out SpuntOut’s new online safety hub for details on how to control your information, stay safe when online and confidently navigate any potential challenges that may arise from spending more and more of our time online.

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