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50 shades of Valentine’s

There’s nothing wrong with a bit of romance. But, let’s be honest, that’s not what Valentine’s is about any-more. It’s an excuse for retailers to make a few quid off people in new relationships.

A sign reading "St. Valtentine's Day, 14 FebruaryWhat it often does do is make those feeling lonely, feel worse.

Disney’s also to blame

Since childhood we’re all fed stories of princes and princesses falling in love and heading off into the sunset. If that’s happened to you – brilliant. But, for millions others, relationships take a bit more work than that.

I’m all alone

So are a lot of people. But, is that such a bad thing? There’s nothing wrong with wanting to find someone special, but it shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing if you’re single.

Girls just wanna have fun

OK, not just the girls, but you get the point. Since when did single turn into a byword for downtrodden? It doesn’t make sense.

Being happy while single isn’t only possible, it’s necessary. Love starts with yourself. I know it sounds like some cheesy self-help book, but it’s true.

I still want love

Working on your own self-esteem and sense of self goes a long way to being content, whether you’re in a relationship or not. Ironically though, if you’re single, you’re more likely to meet the person of your dreams when you’re happy with yourself and have stopped looking.

No need to be blue

This doesn’t all mean you have to ignore Valentine’s day altogether, especially since this year it’s on a Saturday!

Make the event your own. Reclaim it from the florists and chocolate-makers. It can be what you want it to be.

Just do it your way

Whatever your circumstances, just do something nice or have a bit of fun. Get together with friends and enjoy the cheesiness of the whole occasion.

Or maybe do go all out and cook someone special their favourite meal. The point is, you should dictate how this day makes you feel.

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