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5 ways to keep motivated while job hunting

Whether you’re a recent graduate, changing careers, unemployed or just trying to get a foot into the job market, finding work can be tedious. 

A sign looking for staff reads, charming intelligent staff, one more neededClicking through countless online listings and sending out CV after CV – keeping the spirits up can be tough. But, there are ways we can keep our energy levels from plummeting.

Plus, staying on track could mean you get hired more quickly as your enthusiasm will shine through. This will catch the attention of employers.
So, here are a few things to help you stay motivated:

1. Get moving and eat good food

This may seem like an obvious one, but sometimes we forget how a little exercise and good food can give you that much needed push of positivity.

Even just a 20 minute walk can refresh the mind and blow away the cobwebs.

2. Get all Feng Shui and de-clutter

A messy area can diffuse any motivation you have. But, taking a bit of time to clear your desk may give you an extra energy boost to approach the job market with. A clear desk is a clear mind.

Besides, if you’ve already done the tidying, that’s one less distraction when you’re sitting down to apply for a job right?

3. Ignore the negativity

We all know people who complain and bring bad energy and drama to a situation. If there are people like this in your life try and stay away from them.

Staying motivated often involves ignoring people who try and pull you down. They may mean well, but that doesn’t mean they help the situation. Surround yourself with people who you can relate to. You’ll be able to share experiences and push each other in the right direction.

4. Try something new

Instead of watching re-runs of Jersey Shore, why not try something that could upskill what you already know? There are lots of resources out there and thankfully not everything costs money either!

Coursera is just one service offering free courses from universities. They also have the added advantage you being able to do them from the comfort of your couch.

If you’ve got the time, use it wisely. Research what activities or skills could help you get your dream job and look at places that might help develop them.

5. Don’t be afraid to talk

It’s not easy putting all this work into applications and then playing the waiting game. The stress of it all can take its toll.

Remember, it’s Ok to not be Ok. Sometimes it’s good to just relax, have a cup of tea with friends and focus on other things for a little while.

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