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Facing February without facebook?

Facebook free February. It’s a phenomenon doing the rounds this year and well, it does what it says on the tin.

The facebook logo, white f on blue background from facebook,comThe motivation is to give us space from social media and our online life. So we have more time for our so-called ‘real’ life.

While it is wise to mange how much and what we do online, for most of us, having an online presence is simply a part of life. It’s not separate from our ‘real’ life, it’s an aspect of it. There’s nothing wrong with that.

Right sentiment

Cutting out social media for a while doesn’t sound like a bad idea altogether, but it does sound a little drastic.

It sounds a bit like one of those diets where you just eat lettuce for a month. Or only butter and whipped cream for a year (actually that one sounds pretty good!). Sure, in the short term you may get results, but overall how good is it for you?

Everything in moderation

As with anything, it’s probably more beneficial to learn balance with social media. Yes, it can end up being negative, but there are so many positives too. Why can’t we learn to hone in on those and phase out any negative impacts?

Not just about selfies

For instance, being connected to others can really help if someone’s feeling lonely or isolated. Social media is just that – social.

The selfie may have blossomed over the last while, but we can choose not to let this kind of behaviour dominate and use online tools to enhance our friendships and social life.

Learning to manage

Much of the problem with social media stems from things like negative self-talk and comparing oneself to others we perceive to have better lives than us.

But, with a bit of practice and reflection we can learn not to let these things affect us. So, simply knowing that most people present a polished version of themselves online can help. Just keep in mind that everyone feels crap at times. We all have battles to face.

Takes time

As with any behaviour it can take a while to get used to doing things a different way. But, that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

Switch off the autopilot, not facebook
The easiest way to start managing social media so that it enhances and helps you to mind your mental health is to simply try and be aware of what you’re actually doing.

Trying to be mindful of that particular moment and analysing whether it’s beneficial to yourself or not will help to steer clear of the things that make you feel down. This becomes more natural the more you do it and the results can be worthwhile.

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