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Have you been having a dry January?

January is a long month, with many of us struggling through it broke and abstinent. Giving up sugar, desserts, junk food, alcohol with a goal to a new you.

Or, even just revert to the old you, before you hammered yourself with Christmas parties, family events and New Year’s Eve.

Most of us find getting back into our normal routine means naturally getting back into more sensible drinking habits. Many people have been opting for a “Dry January” giving up alcohol for the month.

IMG_8366Drinking culture

Having a drink on a Friday or Saturday night is a big part of our culture. A night out with friends often goes hand in hand with a glass of something. Even outside the festive season, Sunday mornings are all too often a write-off.

Taking a dry January, or a break from alcohol at any time can be a good way of learning to socialise without having to have a drink. Many of us fall into the trap of using alcohol to feel more comfortable or confident within a social situation.

Recommended limit

Many people pay no attention to the recommended limits for weekly alcohol consumption. They are now 11 units for women and 14 units for men. Also you should try, for your health to have two days alcohol free in a row.

The prospect of a sober night out can be a daunting one for some.
But, you might be surprised at how a short break from alcohol can show how to enjoy ourselves with no dutch courage necessary!

Hello Sunday mornings

Imagine this; waking up feeling fresh everyday. Imagine being able to fully able to remember chats with friends. Imagine not having to worry about any alcohol related mishaps or no more Sunday night “fear”.

Hangover free Sundays can leave you feeling like you’ve got more out of your weekend. It can open up new ways of socialising that do not involve drinking or going to a club or pub.

Check out more about the “Hello Sunday Mornings Campaign“.

Drinking through a tough time

One or two glasses of something can be seen as a way of relaxing after a long week. Excessive alcohol consumption however can have a negative effect on our mood and leave us feeling down and unhappy.

Alcohol can increase feelings of sadness or anxiety. If you find yourself going through a tough time, try to avoid alcohol. It can temporarily help you forget but will compound how low you feel afterwards.

If you find yourself using alcohol to escape from a low mood, it could be time to talk to someone. Sharing how you feel can help you feel less alone. Talking things out can also offer an alternative way of getting through a difficult time.

Moving on from dry January

So whatever the plan is from this weekend on, start to have a few dry weekends throughout the year. Don’t think of it as a penance. Do it for your health and your mood. Think about learning alternative ways of enjoying yourself and gaining more time and energy to do things you enjoy. Bonus!

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