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DJ Nikki Hayes: the importance of talking

Spin 1038 DJ Nikki Hayes has been talking about getting people to talk. She knows a thing or two about battling mental health issues and has been sharing some of her experiences.

Nikki Hayes, radio dj from Spin 1038. Imaage from Goss.ieShe’s been opening up about her past anorexia, suicide attempts and anxiety.

Her story

When she was a teenager Nikki started to develop severe body image issues which led into anorexia. Then, while she was still only a young adult, she attempted to take her own life on two separate occasions and was hospitalised for a while.

While older and when she thought her life was more on track, she had to deal with death after her father passed away. She admits this was a big hurdle, and despite thinking she was managing, she “went off the rails a year later”.

That was the point she realised she had to get help.

Talking saved her

Nikki is one for talking, indeed, she says, it saved her. If you’re really not feeling great, then try and find someone to talk to.

After reaching out and accessing support for herself, Nikki now wants to highlight how effective it can be. She wants people to see that even if you feel like it’s the end of the road, “you can come back”.

Learning to mind yourself

Mental health is ongoing, which is why we need to put in the maintenance to mind our mental health. This is precisely what Nikki said she’s learned.

After finally seeking and accepting support, she says, she’s come to the realisation that she has mental issues. She thinks she could always have, which is why learning to mind yourself is so important.

Help and support

Nikki is constantly thankful for her fiancé, who gives her great support. We all have the right to support, whether it’s professional or through friends and family.

Some things we just can’t deal with alone, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to deal with them.

Nikki was speaking out this week in support of the mental health organisation 3Ts.

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