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Blue Monday

Apparently it’s the most depressing day of the year. Which Monday is actually is changes every year too. But it’s not like Easter, it’s nothing to do with the moon. 

Materials RO - resizedNot set in stone

It’s generally the third Monday in January and so if you look around, some are saying it’s still to come next week.

Contributing factors

The formula that determines the most depressing day of the year takes into account factors such as temperature, time since Christmas, time since faltering on your resolutions, the amount of debt you accrued over Chirstmas, time until payday or how little is left after your get paid.  All pretty grim right?

Hokey science

It was devised by a British academic providing some hokey science for a travel company’s PR stunt to provoke people to book their summer holiday. This day is so depressing they suggested you should offset it by booking your summer holiday. Pretty crafty, eh?

Long winter

So it’s just another Monday, albeit a Monday and in January. Right now we’re in the middle of what is feeling like a very a long winter too. But one day is as any other.

Taking its toll

It’s very easy right now to go into hibernation mode, but after a stage of physical inactivity and cutting yourself off  will take  its toll on your mood and sense of well being.

Helpful tips

Here are some useful tips to look after your yourself during these grim, possibly debt-ridden months

The important thing is to stay positive – we’re over halfway through January at least!

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