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Lesssons learned from Channel 4’s Cyberbully

Last night Game of Thrones actress Maisie Williams starred in Channel 4’s one off thriller Cyberbully. Offering an insight into the darker side of cyber space, Cyberbully explored many issues, to keep in mind when entering the online world.

Teenager Casey Williams finds herself in the middle of a nightmare when her computer and webcam are hacked by an anonymous cyber stalker. Casey finds herself at the mercy of a faceless troll as they threaten to expose personal pictures of her through social media.

She is forced to admit how her own online actions have impacted others. She’s told about the suicide of a girl, who was repeatedly targeted by online abuse because of a video Casey had posted.

Web of deceitSharing personal information

Having a blog or instagram account gives many of us the space to express ourselves in a way that we might have trouble doing in everyday life. There are many positives to the freedom the online world has given us.

Instant sharing

It is however, dangerously easy to forget that what we are share may not just be seen by our friends.

We can now instantly share information with the world without taking time to think about where it might end up. Or, we can unintentionally share information or images that we later come to regret.

Many of us forget that even if a post is deleted, or an image that’s shared during a one to one chat, could all fall into the hands of someone you would not want to it share with.

Be aware of what you share

Always be aware of information you give out within any online space. Before tweeting or leaving a Facebook comment take an extra minute to think about who will read it and if it could be something you later regret.

Changing your social media passwords regularly is a good habit to get into.

If you start to feel someone could have been using one of your accounts without permission, then let the site know. They will know how best to deal with any issues you might be having with your account.

If you feel as though you are receiving unwanted negative attention or are starting to feel victimized, it is important to let somebody know.

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Same impact as bullying

Just like in Cyberbully online abuse can get out of hand very quickly. Cyber Bullying can be very hurtful and isolating. Remember you can deal with it in the same way as you would if someone was bullying you in real life.

Speaking to a parent, teacher or friend can help you feel more in control of any online difficulties you might be having.

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Extreme cases

Fortunately most of us with never experience an online issue as extreme as in Cyberbully. But do take the time to protect yourself online. Think over what you are sharing and report any kind of unwanted attention you may receive.

Cyberbullying does not have to be extreme to cause damage. Even leaving one unkind comment can have huge repercussions. Always think about how comments could be interpreted by those who do and don’t know you.

Keep it positive

The online world is exciting. It can have a great impact on our social lives, help us develop interests and feel connected to a wider world. As long as we keep safe and aware, keeping things positive, we can all get the most out of our online worlds.

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