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Bressie’s 1000 hours

Niall Breslin (AKA Bressie, as if you didn’t know) has set up a new blog – My 1000 hours. In his own words, it focuses on holistic fitness.

Bressie, AKA Niall BreslinThrough this, he’s offering “simple, practical ways…to find the best way of dealing, managing and improving mental fitness”. Well that gets a big thumbs up from us, obvs.

Opening up

Bressie is quite open about his experiences of depression and anxiety. He’s also spoken about panic attacks and break-downs before Rugby games while playing with Leinster.

While he acknowledges the focus on talking about mental health is great, he’s sharing some of his own practical ways we can take better care of our overall health.

This starts with physical exercise, which can lead to improved mental health. Hence the 1000 hours, which refers to running and his aim of reaching that many hours.

Running towards a goal

To encourage people with improving their overall health, the blog has weekly updates and goals we can all aim for.

In case you’re interested in joining him, Bressie has planned a run for Saturday, 7 March. Held in Dublin’s Phoenix Park, it can either be a 5K or 10K outing.

Not just for people who suffer

His blog and campaign is not simply from people who suffer, or who’ve had mental health problems in the past. It’s aimed at everyone.

We all need to look after our health, including ways to maintain our mental health, and find ways to manage when the going gets tough. Which is why he’s trying to get us all to dust off our runners.

Sure, what else are you doing?

Maybe you’re well on you’re way to completing those resolutions made two weeks ago. If so, well done!

But, for those of us whose good intentions are but a fading memory, the 1000 hours run offers a second chance to get moving and motivated in 2015. Happy jogging!

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