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Actress Maisie Williams’ experience of cyberbullying

This Thursday, Game of Thrones actress, Maisie Williams returns to our screens for a new thriller based on several true life accounts about dealing with a cyber stalker.

Maisie Williams as Casey Jacobs via The GuardianCyberbully airs at 9pm on Channel 4 and follows teenager Casey Williams as she battles with an anonymous cyber stalker.

Casey Williams is a normal teenager. Like many of us, Casey uses the internet to express herself, talk to friends and communicates her likes and dislikes to the world.

Online communities

For most of us, using social media sites like Twitter and Facebook provide a space to express ourselves and keep in touch. Sometimes it can be hard for us to express certain aspects of ourselves in real life.

The web allows us to explore our opinions and thoughts. It’s a great way of connecting with other people who share a similar interest.

Unwanted attention

While many of us love the freedoms of being expressive in a positive way online, the internet and social media sites, for some reason, give reason people to think they can say and do as they please.

In fact, Maisie Williams has spoken herself about a bad experience she had getting abuse, and being cyberbullied on questions and answers site Formspring.

Being able to set up anonymous accounts or alias makes a minority of web users feel they can do as they please.

Putting yourself out there on the internet can leave you vulnerable to people making personal attacks. Always be weary of the information you share on social media profiles. Be wary of “over-sharing”.

Dramatised events

Online attacks can be vicious and hurtful. Cyberbullying can come in many forms, and the thriller Cyberbully, is obviously drawing inspiration from some very extreme cases.

Find out what cyberbullying is.

Cyberbully goes beyond name calling and explores some of the very real dangers that can come from having an online presence.

Personal attacks

Being attacked online can often feel incredibly personal. Many of us access online sites from our homes, or our phones.

Feeling as though you are being attacked in a safe environment can be incredibly unsettling.

Take it into the real world

Remember, if you are experiencing abuse or unwanted attention online, it should be treated as if it were a real life event. Equally, know the that consequences and impact of sending abusive messages are just the same as real life. They can be just as hurtful, if not more so.

If someone is repeatedly attacking you on social media or an online relationship has become uncomfortable, let someone know.

Speaking to a teacher or parent, or older sister or brother, can help you feel less isolated and more in control of the situation.

Stay safe online

There are strict laws to surrounding your safety online. If something bad is happening, take screen print examples of unpleasantness to record what you have been experiencing.

Even if posts have been removed or can no longer be found it is still important to report them. While you might not be able to find them again, there are many ways of recovering information that might appear to be lost.

Tune in to Channel 4 at 9pm tonight to see a unique interpretation of one girl’s experience with cyberbullying and stalking and how she negotiates her way through it.

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