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Conor McGregor – the power of self-belief

Conor McGregor won the Ultimate Fight Championship (UFC) event in Boston against Dennis Silver. Conor is a mixed martial artist who currently sits at number five in the world featherweight rankings for the UFC.

Conor McGregor on a throne, in a crown from entertainment.ieA lesson in self-belief

At a time of the year when many of us are trying to tick off (or at least remember) our New Year’s resolutions, we could learn a thing or two on motivation and self-belief from Mr McGregor.

In fact, the topic of his Boston fight is a good example. He said he’d win in less than two minutes. To back him up and boost his self-belief (as if he needed it) Conor’s coach recently said he believes Conor will win in less than one minute.

Fighting for your goal

Most of us aren’t lucky enough to have a manager who’s in our corner. A good friend or family member who supports us could be a close second though. We can also learn to become our own champion.

Improving self-esteem is the first step, and this can be achieved. Like most things in life, the more we practice it, the better we get.

Helping win the round

Two more things that can really help us achieve self-belief and whatever we’re aiming for:

  • Pep-talks – a bit of positive self-talk can really improve self-belief and results. It might be nice to have someone else giving the talk, but learning to spur ourselves on is often half the battle.
  • Shooting for the goal – as with anything life, sport, including ultimate fighting, requires the ability to set and work with goals.

Looking forward

Whether or not you’re fighting the ultimate fight, or if you have some ambitious resolutions to get cracking with is almost beside the point.

Learning to mind yourself and build self-confidence on a day-today basis will help with whatever’s going on in life. The little battles as well as the big ones

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