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Selfie Vs self-esteem

Trying something new for the New Year? Taking up running, going back to the gym or trying to shift a bit of pudge you ahem, acquired over Christmas?

Exercise and diet

Plastic toy pirate, wavingRegular exercise and eating as nutritiously as possible is always a good thing. Your overall mental and physical health will always benefit if you do these for your well-being.

But, if the main motivating factor for doing these things is how you look, that’s not such a good thing.


As one of your New Year’s goals, how about actively working on your self-esteem? It can be worked on. Working towards a good sense of self-esteem is the root of resilience and well-being.

Feeling good about yourself is not about being cocky, or being attractive – although it does help your attractiveness.

Rather, being self-assured and believing in yourself is an attractive quality.

Have we reached the peak of selfie?

Self-esteem is not about working out how to take the best selfies, and showing the world constantly.

Actually, the way of the selfie might be getting a bit much. People who are seen to do it too much are getting bad press this week.

Equally, other people’s amazing selfies shouldn’t make you feel bad, or make you compare yourself in way you can’t.

A right to feel good

You have a right to good self-esteem, even if you’re not the best at something. That’s OK.

It’s not about excelling. It’s about feeling good about what you do do and who you are. Having good self-esteem helps us deal with the inevitable blows that life throws at us all.

Being comfortable with who you and actually liking yourself helps you make wiser decisions and accept things you can’t change.

Because you’re worth it

You can have that. It may not feel like that sometimes, and, it can take work, but you should try. Because, despite the corny marketing cliché, you are worth it.

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