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First Fortnight 2015

Well, we’re here again. The beginning of another year. One might even say, the first fortnight of the year.

First Fortnight 2015 logoThis can be one of the toughest times for people. We’re heading back to school/college/work. The excitement of Christmas is all but memory. Despite all the talk of fresh beginnings, the potential to feel a bit crap or depressed is quite high.

These two weeks

It’s precisely because these two weeks can be tough that First Fortnight was set up. It’s a charitable organisation which is creating space for  natural conversation around mental health.

What’s happening?

The aim of opening up discussions around mental health is achieved through using culture and the arts. Whatever you’re into – music, theatre, film, there’s something interesting going on.

Helping others

While there’s lots on to engage and educate, there are also programmes to help those with less access to help. For instance there are art psychotherapy sessions available for homeless people.

Don’t let the resolutions stop you

We’re all busy, especially at this time of year, what with all the New Year’s resolutions. But there’s only one First Fortnight and it’ll slip by fast. So why not take two minutes to see if there’s anything of interest on near you?

Don’t have the dollars?

Don’t worry, we’re all budgeting now that it’s January. But, most things on for First Fortnight are affordable or free!

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