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Have a break…

Learning to relax may be counter-intuitive to some of us. Relaxing is just not doing stuff, isn’t it?

Mug with the word Relax on itWell, yes and no. We’re actually in the midst of an “always on” culture right now and actually, switching off, like really off (not just on silent) is good for us every now and then.

A day in the life of…

Phone alarm goes off in the morning. Reach over to hit snooze. Repeat. Then pick up phone to check Facebook or Twitter feeds before you’re out of bed.

Good morning radio

The radio is on while you’re getting ready for work/school/college, delivering bland music, crappy ads and grim news headlines. You Instagram a photo of your dog, because you’ve set yourself a target of a photo a day.

Catching up

On the bus or train, you read news/entertainment headlines and start getting on top of emails and messages.

Or, you catch up on the Netflix show you fell asleep to the previous night, to get up to speed before you inadvertently see any plot spoilers online throughout the day.

All this before you may even have had a conversation with someone. Maybe you grunted at someone while grabbing some toast, but it wasn’t what you’d call a conversation.

Is any of this familiar?

As much as we love technology and how it connects us to others and gives us access to all kinds of information, we need a break from time-to-time.

An afternoon of looking at videos of cats on YouTube can be a break for some, but learning ways to completely shut off from all the messages and communications we’re bombarded with is great for clearing your head.

Shutting out the noise for a bit can actually feel like a bit more work at first, than being “on”, as that can be your default.

Help is at hand

Beaumont Hospital have developed some audio meditative exercises to help with this and have allowed us to post them.

They’re not for everyone, for sure. But you won’t know unless you try.

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