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Overcoming grief

This short by Michelle Duong was highly commended in Inspire a Generation Film Competition 2014.

Overcoming grief transcript

Losing someone is never easy, no matter how prepared you are it’s never a pleasant experience.

There are many stages of grief you can experience and there is no particular order, however acceptance is one is one of them. It is important to not let the grief consume you and to never suffer in silence.

Reach out to family and friends or speak to someone outside of your family and friends as they could be grieving as well.

Writing down your feelings into a letter can be self-healing and it could put your mind at ease, try reading it out loud as it can be very therapeutic.

Stages of grief are a cycle therefore we all heal on our own time so don’t worry if you’re not there yet. Don’t feel self-conscious if you’re the last one still crying and don’t feel guilty if you’re the first one to find your smile again.

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