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Black Friday signs

Video imagery of shoppers trampling each other. Huge websites crashing. Yep, it’s Black Friday alright.

Car carrying a Christmas treeThe fear factor has spread over here. They’re good at that, the shops, creating a frenzy. Black Friday deals all over the place. A few years ago, it didn’t mean anything in Ireland, what really kicked off the Christmas season was The LateLate Toy Show.

The two have come at once, so now all the signs are telling us, Christmas is coming.

Expensive times

Buying presents, Christmas parties and seasonal outfits all adds up. Feeling anxious about money during the Christmas period is something many of us know all too well.

Taking some simple steps over the holiday period can help keep your stress levels down and stop them from ruining the festive fun.

First up; make a budget

Sounds obvious, but people don’t do it. Sitting down and working out a budget before you start any spending is a good way of keeping control of the spending.

Writing down what you need to buy and how much you have before hitting the shops can prevent impulse buying that pushes over what you have.

Only spend what you have

Avoiding taking a credit card out can also help you stick to your budget. Seeing how much you can spend can help remind us of how much we have and stop us overspending!

Bargains beyond Black Friday

There are sales and reductions in shops all the time nowadays. So you’ve a month still, shop around.

When it comes to buying presents, it’s the thought that goes into them that people appreciate the most rather than a big price tag.

Giving a gift doesn’t have to mean buying something at all. There are plenty of homemade present ideas that cost very little to make but are always great gifts to give. Framing photos of friends and family, cooking something or decorating something you already own can all make thoughtful gifts for a budget price.


Christmas parties can create pressure to have several new outfits. We all want to look and feel good, catching up with people,  but that doesn’t have to mean splashing lots of cash.

Organising a get together with your friends and looking through each other clothes can be a great way of getting something new to wear without having to buy it. Many of the clothes we buy around Christmas hang in our wardrobe for the rest of the year, so borrowing from friends can often be a sensible alternative to

Make a deal

If you find yourself getting anxious about how much you have to spend for Christmas, talk to your family and friends. Work out ways to put a cap on spending, and make sure you all stick to it! Everyone feels a bit of pressure at Christmas, let’s talk to each other and agree to stop the madness!

Taking control of your money in the run up to Christmas can help prevent stress and leave you free to enjoy all the festive fun!!

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