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Be thankful this Thursday

Today is Thankgiving, in the US. For many of us on this side of the pond it’s just a reminder that Christmas is drawing closer.

Thank you written on a post-itHalloween’s already a memory and the Christmas shopping has probably begun. Thanksgiving often comes and goes without much thought.

Good for us all

Gratitude is something we could all benefit from, especially in the winter months. Dark evenings, cold weather and endless rain make it easy to neglect many of the things we enjoy.

It’s easy to fall into negative patterns of self-talk and thought. But, focusing on the people and moments we’re grateful for can help ease the winter blues.

Friends first

In particular, appreciating and making the effort with the friends and family we do have can make a big difference to our lives. Having someone to hang out with, and just have a laugh or watch a movie can help to stop us feeling lonely.

What do I actually have in my life?

It’s easy to fall into the trap of feeling like everyone else has more to be grateful for then we do.

When we feel a bit crap it’s easy to forget all the small parts of our lives that we can be grateful for.

How can I be more thankful?

Keeping a journal or making a gratitude list can be a great way of keeping our spirits up and reminding ourselves we have lots to be thankful for.

Noting down the positive parts of our lives is also a good way of ensuring we keep doing them.

Don’t let this year’s Thanksgiving pass you by. Even taking ten minutes to be mindful of what you have to be grateful for could make a dark winter week that little bit brighter!

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