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Summer Bay Blues

Home and Away would not be the same without one of Summer Bay’s favourite residence, Spencer Harrington.

Charming, bright and seemingly with the world at his feet; you might never think from his outgoing person that he has a mental health problem. Spencer was diagnosed with Bipolar disorder.

Bipolar disorder

Bipolar disorder (or manic depression) is a mental health problem that causes extreme changes in mood. It leaves the individual suffering from extreme changes in mood. Often an individual will experience manic highs followed by periods of extreme lows.

This can make everyday life extremely challenging and leave the sufferer struggling to feel in control.

Receiving a diagnosis

Receiving a mental health problem diagnosis can be a difficult thing to get your head around. Feeling as though you are labelled by something you cannot control can be overwhelming and isolating. Although there’s no quick fix, fortunately many people with a Bipolar disorder diagnosis go on to live very fulfilling lives.

There is no right way to get through a period of depression. What works for one person may not work for another, so it’s important to know all you can about the different ways to look after your mental health.

While trying to negotiate his way through depression, Spencer finds himself victim to a dangerous cult leader who promises to help him control his mood changes. Spencer soon finds him fighting for both his mental and physical wellbeing.

Making adjustments

Learning to adjust to life to life with a mental health problem is tough. Taking a step back and finding what kind of support is out there can help you feel more in control and manage stress. The more information you have, the more in control you will feel.
Talking about how you’re feeling is a great way of releasing anxiety. Finding someone you can trust and can confide in, can make it easier to decide on the best way of getting through a tough time.

Looking after your mental health

All of us go through tough times at some point in our lives, and that can the impact of a breakup, the stress of college or a mental health problem. It is not something that needs to be hidden or we should feel ashamed off. While there may not be a magic cure, finding your own ways of looking after your mental health will always be of benefit.

Home and Away characters

Spencer is one of Home and Away’s most popular characters. His depression is only one aspect of his character and not what defines him, and it doesn’t have to define you, if you find yourself in a similar situation.

While his journey with bipolar has lead to mistakes and challenges, it has also given him a strength and outlook that makes him an even stronger, lovable, character than he was before.

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