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International Men’s Day

Today is International Men’s Day which focuses on improving gender relations, promoting gender equality, and highlighting positive male role models.

Roisin-2It’s also an occasion for men to celebrate their achievements and contributions to the world community.

Men’s health

Men’s and boy’s health is also a topic on the agenda. There are a lot of campaigns to raise awareness about men’s health, be it about cancer in men, men’s mental health or about how we don’t talk about our problems.

Not for all

The stereotype that men don’t look after themselves or talk about their feelings is true most of the time, but not for everyone.

In some cases men may very well be up to talking about his feelings and problems but just may not know how to go about it. Learning how to communicate your feelings better will help when you want to express frustrations and other problems.

A more open generation

Now I don’t know about you but I’m a 15 year-old guy and if ever I have a problem I would very easily turn to my friends for help. I know my friends would do the same too.

Maybe the past generation is strung up about appearing very “macho” in front of everyone. But, this generation is more open, which is great. Hopefully it continues to improve.

While we celebrate men and our achievements tomorrow don’t forget we’re not perfect. So, if you, or someone you know isn’t OK, just talk about it, it’ll help.

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