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6 tips to help to give up drink for a spell

Autumn’s settled in as we’re beginning to anticipate/dread the countdown to Christmas. Giving their body (and pockets) a break before the festivities, many people give up drink for November.

Empty wine bottlesWhether you’re already dry, or you fancy giving it a go for the rest of the month, we’ve got a few tips to make it easier to see it through.

Switch off

If you’ve got spare time or you’re staying in while you’re not drinking you could use this time to relax.

Do something new

Is there anything you’ve been wanting to try or thought you might like to do? Now could be the perfect opportunity.

If you’re saving time and money while on the dry, why not put that to use? It’s only a few weeks really, so you won’t lose much by trying something new. Who knows what you’ll discover about yourself?

It’s more fun together

See if you can rope a friend into staying dry with you. Any new behaviour or routine is usually easier if someone else is doing it too.

As well as that, make sure to keep in touch and be social. Just because you’re not going out drinking doesn’t mean you have to cut yourself off completely.

Get on top of that to-do list

Bear with me, I know it doesn’t immediately sound fun. But, getting ahead with that essay, organising your wardrobe, or doing whatever it is you need to do, can feel very satisfying.

If you’ve got loads of different things that need finishing, why not set some goals to try and complete everything? It’ll take some stress out of the season ahead, allowing you to enjoy it more.

Price tag

It isn’t all about the money, but it sure helps! Focus on how much you’re saving by not going out. Really make the effort to put it aside and maybe budget more this month.

Think how much more fun Christmas will be with those extra pennies in the bank.

Don’t get sucked into the couch

This could be the perfect opportunity to kick start an exercise routine or just squeeze in a few extra power-walks.

The endorphins might help keep you jolly, plus, when watching Elf for the fourteenth time, you might not feel so guilty.

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