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This short by Shaun Meighan was highly commended in Inspire a Generation Film Competition 2014.

Anxiety transcript

A young man has left his friends party and is having a panic attack in a room upstairs. His internal dialougue is acted out by the figures either side of him.

Girl – You’re okay just breath in… out… in.

Boy – And then out again but it won’t be all right. You need to get out of here but ah no there’s no one to drive you home.

Girl – Shhhh! don’t worry it’ll be all right. Just wait it out, keep up your breathing.

Boy – They’re probably all talking about you you know? wondering oh where is he? They’re talking about you saying ah he’s a freak and what you’re just going to go down there? What are you going to tell them? You can’t tell them the truth they’ll think you’re crazy.

Girl – He’s not crazy! You’re not crazy. Things like this happen to everyone. Just keep up the breathing.

Boy – And then what? walk down there? You’re going to have to come up with a pretty fine excuse and I can’t wait to hear what you come up with. You can’t tell them something pathetic like this.

Girl – You don’t need an excuse, just tell them you had a panic attack. They’re your friends they’ll understand.

Boy – No they won’t this doesn’t happen to them. It doesn’t happen normal people. They don’t care about this and they don’t care about you.

Girl – Course they care. They’re your friends.

Boy – They don’t.

Girl – Yes they do.

Boy – They don’t.

Girl – They do.

Boy – No they don’t.

Girl – They do.

Second Boy – Shut up both of you please just please be quiet.

A friend from the party downstairs walks into the room and puts their arm around the boy

Friend – Hey, are you all right?

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