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Thinking about health in Movember

Movember is back and with it comes the moustache (Mo) and a spotlight on men’s health, specifically prostate cancer and testicular cancer.

How to get involved

moustache stamps for movemberMo Bros change their appearance by growing a new moustache for the month of November (Movember), and raise funds.

Mo Sistas can get involved and support the men in their lives, helping to promote men’s health. Read more about the campaign.

Healthy message

Whether you want to grow a moustache, or support someone who is, or if you’ve got a beard, shave it off, (we have reached peak beard don’t cha know?) it’s important not to forget the message. Men’s health.

Knowledge is power

Good health and maintenance starts with information. We do go on about it, but it’s true. Mental health is no different.

Knowing how to look after your mental health, or recognising signs and symptoms of when tough times are taking their toll on you, or a friend, means you can get that extra bit of help when needed.

Find out ways to look after your mental health, while working on your mo.

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