Helping you get through tough times

It’s the #littlethings

Today the HSE has launched a new website The website hosts things you can do to look after your mental health and details of different services available around the country when that extra bit of help is needed. 

poster reading "8 hours sleep mak the other 16 easier"They’ve also launched a national campaign #littlethings. Creating an environment where people share the little things they do to look after their mental health.

Positive impact

We all experience tough times. The day-to-day dips that are an ordinary, everyday part of life. This campaign is about encouraging people to do things for themselves or others that will have a positive impact on how they feel and cope.

So, what are the little things?

These are acts of self-care, proven to help us feel better and get through tough times. Find out what works for you.

There’s a Facebook page and Twitter account to help people share their #littlethings –

Share what your little things are by using #littlethings.

Find out ways to mind your mental health.

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