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5 tips to fitness this autumn

The weather has definitely turned. Despite the gloriously long summer, there’s no doubt about it, autumn has struck. But, just because the evenings are darker it doesn’t mean we have to totally hibernate.

Close up of a bikeIn fact, this is a great time of year to get into a routine, before winter really is upon us and it’s an uphill struggle to make ourselves exercise.

We hear endless accounts of the virtues and need to stay fit, so here a few tips to (hopefully) make putting on those trainers a little easier.

1. Make a plan

Breaking a task down and setting goals makes anything more achievable. If there’s research to be done, this is the time to do it.

The trick is to have an overall goal, then break this down to smaller mini-goals and just focus on the smaller step in front of you right now.

2. Keep it simple

A healthy dose of ambition is necessary to kick-start any regime. However, being overly ambitious and biting off more than you can chew can be counter-productive.

Being realistic and not undertaking something too overwhelming means we’re more likely to stick with it. Remember the old saying: how do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

3. Two’s company

Many of us find it easy to come up with excuses not to roll off the couch, especially in winter. But arranging to meet a friend often gives us all the motivation we need. We’re quite happy to let ourselves down, but usually not other people. What’s that about?!

4. Tomorrow never comes

It’s a cliché, and I bet you can hear a parent or teacher trying to drill similar words home. But, it’s true. Usually, the best time to start something is today. Pick a day and stick to it. Otherwise it’ll never happen. Trust me, I write from experience.

5. Have fun!

Do something you think you’ll enjoy. It’s all very well having grand notions of completing a marathon by Halloween, but if you don’t enjoy running, it’s unlikely to happen.

At its best, getting and staying fit should also (at least in time) be relaxing for you. Exercise can be fun, or at least satisfying – good luck!

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