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Pressure felt in Love/Hate

The excitement is non-stop during Love/Hate, now in its final season.

Over its first four seasons, the show has been the most popular RTE drama in recent memory.

Pressure to behave

Given Love/Hate’s focus on gangland criminality, ideas of masculinity and “toughness” are naturally prominent themes. Rather than simply depicting its characters as being violent crooks, the show does a good job of showing the pressures they are put under to behave in a certain way. Some characters who initially seemed thoughtful and sympathetic are gradually corrupted by their environment. It also makes clear how difficult it is to resist this, as characters consistently wrestle with moral decisions, and usually make the wrong ones.

Sense of identity

While most of us are fortunate enough to go through life without becoming involved in gang crime, these developments emphasize the importance of maintaining a sense of our own identity even when under pressure to act against it. This is particularly relevant when we’re young as we can often be encouraged to talk, dress or generally act in a way we may not be comfortable with. This can make it difficult to act naturally and feel good about it.

Working on our self-esteem can help us make the right decisions for ourselves when under pressure. It can be some solace too that people can tend to become more accepting of others and themselves as they get older. Added to that,  most of us don’t risk being shot at by angry criminals when we fail to act in a certain way, so is also something to be thankful for.

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