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Culture night, get planning

Friday, 19 September is culture night, all evening, all over the country. Museums, galleries and things of interest are open at night to give us all a chance to appreciate them.

culture night logoIt’s a great way of being a tourist at home and doing something new without breaking into the piggy-bank.

Spending September saving

September’s one of the most expensive times of the year for everyone. We don’t need to list the reasons here, we’re all too aware of where our cash goes.

But, that’s what’s so great about culture night, it’s free!

Focusing on the positive

It’s also a great way of helping us see what’s available to us all year round.

Negative thinking and self-talk can be easy to slip into. Who hasn’t had a moan about the state of the country? But, there’s actually loads of positives and tons going on all the time. It’s really just a matter of being open to it.

Excuses, excuses

Not that you need it, but culture night is a great excuse to socialise, hang out with old friends or meet new people.

All that’s got to be good for our mental health, right?

Check out the culture night website for details on events near you.



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