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The Digital Youth Council

On Monday 25 August, we visited the inaugural meeting run by the Digital Youth Council. Set in Dublin’s Science Gallery, the event was a launchpad for the group, who outlined their aims and ambitions.

So who are the Digital Youth Council and why is their message important?digitalyouth council meeting coutery od digital youth council facebook page

Giving a voice

The Digital Youth Council (DYC) aims to give young people up and down the country a voice in the field of technology. The council itself comprises 12 young people, each of whom has a background in technology.

These council members hope to prompt discussion amongst young people, and use their ideas to influence national digital strategy.

Council structure

One specific aim of the group is to establish mini-councils nationwide. These mini-councils, set up in clubs and schools, will include people from age seven to 17 years old.

They will discuss technology and share ideas, with these in turn being relayed back to the main council.

The hope is that their ideas will help mould how we use technology to help educate our young people in the future. Along with the mini-councils, the DYC will promote various educational events throughout the country.

Influencing policy

Technology plays such a prominent role in our lives these days, especially in the lives of our young people.

Our national digital policy is set out by people who may not fully understand how young people are interacting with technology. By including young people into the conversation, we can tailor policies around those who will be most affected by them.

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