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Leaving Certs results with a pinch of perspective

For those expecting Leaving Cert results tomorrow, this is likely to be an anxious time. The exams are wildly hyped-up throughout our time in school, and particularly during fifth and sixth year.

glasses on a notebook and hand holding a pencilThe draining preparations and exhausting couple of weeks make the LC a real endurance test. It’s hard to fully relax for the summer afterwards with results in the back of your mind.

Sense of relief

Regardless of the outcome, just getting past that can be a real relief. The whole, long-drawn-out production and just getting through it is an achievement.

While results are undoubtedly important and will probably have a significant influence over your next move, keeping things in perspective is essential.

Happy or sad

If you’re happy with your results that’s fantastic. But, because of the emphasis placed on the LC it can sometimes seem as though it’s the be all and end all, rather than an important step towards your larger ambitions.

If you’re disappointed, perspective is all the more important. While it will certainly come as a blow, once you’ve had some time to process it and consider your options, you’ll likely find that it is not, despite what some teachers and parents might have you believe, the end of the world.

Look at options

There are usually alternative routes available into the course or trade you’re looking to get into, and if not, repeating is always an option.

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While a second round obviously seems daunting having just got finished, putting the head down for another nine months is well worth it if it’s what it takes to get where you want to go. It’ll also probably be character building, which is always good.

Time to plan

Not having a clear picture of where you’re headed next is also not something worth panicking over at this stage, as you’ll have plenty of time to make plans.

While there’s definitely a transitional period coming up, that’s something to be excited about rather than worried. There’s something to be said for the familiarity of the school routine, but it’s not the most thrilling, and you’ll probably be glad to have left it behind.

The day itself is usually an intense, exhausting and often anticlimactic affair. If you’re fortunate enough to be pleased, it’s worth bearing in mind that some of your friends may not be, and to be there for them aside from the celebration. Hopefully they’ll do the same if you’re disappointed.

Good luck to everyone waiting for tomorrow!

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