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“Every human being has an impact on another” RIP Robin Williams

We’re all saddened to hear of the death of Robin Williams. It was something no-one seemed to expect. But, it just goes to show we never really know what someone’s going through.

Roobin Williams in the film Patch Adams from cinematicfilmblog dot comThere had been reports the actor and comedian had struggled (like everyone) at different times in his life.

However, for most of us he was probably way down the list of anyone we suspected as ever finding life tough.

Smiling on the outside

Many people keep smiling no-matter how crap they feel. Which means it can be hard to tell what someone’s going through, even if you know them well.


When we’re finding things tough it can be hard to reach out to friends and family. No matter how isolated we feel, talking about stuff is often quite hard.

Are they OK?

Make sure to take the time to check in with those you love. Life can be busy and the days can slip by, but taking time to listen to a friend if they need it could mean the world to them.

In the words of Robin Williams

As he said himself in the film Patch Adams; “Every human being has an impact on another”. RIP Robin Williams.

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