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Teamwork in Guardians of the Galaxy

One of the over-arching themes of Guardians of the Galaxy is teamwork. Each of the five guardians starts out with their own goals and motivations, and sets out to achieve these individually.

Guardians of the Galaxy posterWhen fate conspires to force them together, it becomes clear they’re better together than apart. Each guardian has a unique set of skills and limitations, but as a team, their chances of success can be greatly increased.

Stronger together

It’s OK to try and work through problems by yourself, however, when the going gets tough, teaming up can be the best option. Much like the guardians, we’re stronger together than we are alone.

Finding support

When times are tough, it’s the support from friends and family that can really help us through.

Central to the movie is a sense of love and family that develops between the guardians. In the beginning, they are hostile towards one another and friendship seems unlikely.


As the story progresses, they discover they have similar difficulties and this helps them form a strong bond. This is spelled out best by director James Gunn, who believes the film has more to it than shiny visuals and action.

“For me this movie is about family…It’s about a bunch of people that don’t have a family and they learn to love each other.” He’s absolutely right. This is a fantastic action blockbuster, but the story really runs much deeper.

You’ll find yourself falling in love with the characters, just as they learn to love themselves and each other and realise the benefits of support and working together as a team.

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