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The last of the summer salad

We all intended to balance out our eating habits during summer, but (for some of us at least) that intention has slipped.

A bag of salad, tomatoes and a glass of waterNo matter if you’re working, on holidays or in-between pursuits, staying out of the snack-sized bag of whatever’s in the cupboard is tough.

The days are slipping by though, and once it gets darker and colder the battle gets tougher.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a few tips to help shake up our routine and make the most of the salad days while we still have them.

Enjoy planning

Knowing what you’re going to eat and shopping for ingredients in advance is half the battle. It helps you avoid the wrong foods and usually saves us money. We even have a video of Donal Skehan teaching us how to make soup on a budget.

Choose favourite (healthy) recipes and make them the backbone of the plan. It’s then much easier to avoid boredom and slipping back into usual eating patterns.

Get involved

If you’re at home, why not offer to do some of the cooking? Your family might be pleasantly surprised and it gives you more control over meal choices. Plus, when you’re bored it can seriously help the time pass more quickly.

Eat up

Filling up on the right foods at meal times, and trying to snack only on things like fresh fruit strengthens will power. Temptation often becomes too much when we’re hungry.

Change the routine

Habitual behaviours when it comes to eating is where most of us fall down.

For instance, eating while watching TV is something pretty much everyone enjoys. We might not be willing to give up TV (as if!) but, we can change what we eat or drink while we do.

Swapping fizzy drinks for tea or sparkling water, and sweets for things like frozen grapes sounds dire at first. It’s amazing though, how quickly the habit and taste-buds change.

Be adventurous

It’s very easy to eat the same things day in and day out. All it takes is a little imagination and maybe some research, and who knows what we’ll be cooking by next week?

Trying to eat a variety of foods makes it easier to eat in a more balanced way. It needn’t be too expensive – not with the choice of supermarkets we have.

Reward yourself

Allow yourself a treat from time-to-time, and really enjoy it.

Being mindful of treats means we don’t feel like we’re too hard done by and helps to stick to a more nutritious lifestyle in the longer-term.

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