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Team players in World Cup 2014

Can’t believe it’s all over! What a World Cup! Record equalling number of goals scored and the longest matches. It was a rollercoaster. 

team player missionIn case you’re living under a rock and didn’t know, Germany beat Argentina last night in the World Cup Final. Today people are analysing the final, talking about the advantage Germany had with an extra day off, Argentina were tired. Among other theories.

Strong team

What was apparent throughout the tournament, was that Germany’s strength was having a strong team, that played well as a team. That may sound obvious but it was actually unlike some other countries, who really had one star player they relied on.

Of course a lot of Germany’s players have the advantage of knowing each other, playing on the same teams or even the same league, in Germany, all year round. That can be one of the traits of a good team, just knowing each other.

Team player

Being a team player can be many things.

With our mental fitness app, WorkOut, one of the areas to work on is Team Player. You undertake missions to work on your mental fitness and the Team player missions are Networks and Just ask.


Networks makes you look at the people in your life, like family, friends, work colleagues, schoolmates or any other areas.You then have to identify the value they can add to your life. By giving this some time and thought you can see how your personal networks can enhance your life.

Just ask

Just ask makes you take a look at what you’re like at asking for help. Knowing when to ask for help is a sign of good personal awareness.

Sometimes we think it’s better to work through some things our own, when really asking for help or support can often give us better perspective.

Taking the time out to think about how to do this and working out your networks will go along to developing your team player skills. Maybe for World Cup 2018?

Read more details about the iOS version of WorkOut. Sorry Android users, we’re still working on your one. Coming soon. 

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