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Ready to party?! Festival season is on

Summer’s here and it’s festival season again. Got your fairy wings, glitter, body paint, pantomime cow suit and wellies ready? Oh and there’s some other stuff to make sure you’re festival fit.

festival courtesy of stck exchngFestivals are all about fun. But, the week afterwards can be really, really tough.

Luckily with the right prep you can get the most out of them while you’re there and lessen the pain of coming back to reality.


Get proper rest. Not the kind where Netflix is still playing your latest favourite series. During term-time there’s no problem getting sleep.

But, with summer’s distractions and relaxed schedule, it’s easy to miss out on quality sleep.


OK you probably don’t have to be told to eat. But do try to get some nutritious food before, during and after the festival. There tends to be a lot more variety at festivals these days, so try not to spend the time there and afterwards eating fried food and pizza slices. It really will make a difference over all.


Festivals are often a haze of long days, warm weather (hopefully) and maybe more alcohol that you’d normally consume. Remember to stay hydrated. Just because alcohol is fluid doesn’t mean it hydrates you, quite the opposite in fact. Whatever else you’re drinking, remember to drink water regularly.

Move that body

You probably move more while dancing at a festival than you normally do in a month. Even so, gentle exercise either side of festivals can do you the world of good. A brisk half-hour walk a day will help to relax your muscles and clear your head.


Afterwards, stay in touch with mates (new and old) who were also at the festival. Be near people who feel the same and understand the fear. Share the memories, reliving it as much as you can.

Have fun

Look out for each other and enjoy it!

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