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Four years of Inspire a Generation

Three years ago we launched our film competition, Inspire a Generation. We wanted to get people thinking about creative ways to get through tough times.

Inspire a generation film competitionThen of course, we wanted people to turn these ideas into short films and give them to us to use on the website.

There had to be prizes

We offered awesome cash prizes and the overall winner would also get to intern at award winning agency Cawley Nea.

Tough times

One person’s tough time may not be the same as another’s. So it stands to reason that people get through tough times in different ways. For this reason, the competition brief wasn’t overly prescriptive.

We wanted people to have a look at the site and use it as inspiration. is full of advice about well, life really, stuff we’ve to go through, transitions, as well as mental health information.

High hopes

People told us we were aiming too high, that we should manage our expectations. Friends who worked with beer companies and media strategists said everyone was running film competitions nowadays.

Large companies with huge budgets were used as case studies for campaigns they’d run encouraging “engagement” through competitions. Often, the outcome was not good.

Poor outlook

When we heard about little “engagement” and next to no competition entries, we cringed.

We’re small, and certainly don’t have huge budgets. What would become of our competition? But, we reasoned, doesn’t everyone have a story to share? Don’t they want to tell it in the best way possible?

Pleasant surprise

But, whattaya know? We were to be pleasantly surprised. Not only did we get loads of entries, but the standard was amazing. It’s been the same ever since.

Our formula

Each year, we ask people to submit their concepts and storyboards through the site. Then we create a shortlist of ten entries, and give feedback if necessary.

These ten people then go on and make some incredible videos for us!

Check out previous winners:


Now in its fourth year, and still offering awesome prizes, we’re holding our breath in anticipation of a whole new bunch of ideas for Inspire a Generation 2014. Interested?

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